[PC - MMO] The Repopulation

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[PC - MMO] The Repopulation

Postby Dauntless on Mon Oct 05, 2015 10:37 pm

I looked and couldn't see any thread on this....

Ok so my MMO history was founded on Star Wars Galaxies. As much as other MMO's out there past an present have been great, I will always miss SWG.

Getting to the point,, I just found this game on steam:

Has anyone played this yet?

"The Repopulation is a Science Fiction Sandbox MMORPG which is currently in Late Alpha Testing. You should only consider purchasing the Early Access for this title if you are okay with bugs, possible interruptions of service, and in some cases fluctuating features.

In many ways The Repopulation is a throwback to the social aspects and sandbox driven gameplay that made titles like Star Wars Galaxies and Ultima Online successful. But it also integrates more recent innovations and introduces an array of its own unique wrinkles.

The driving force behind this game is choice to play the game in the way that you want to play it. The choice to play the game like a traditional RPG or in a more action oriented style. To advance your character through combat or peaceful means. The freedom to craft and harvest without being forced into combat. To act as a hero or a villain. A thief, diplomat, home builder, tamer, crafter, or an entertainer. To participate in Player vs. Player combat or to avoid it altogether."
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