A old game you can host a Server: Natural Selection 2

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A old game you can host a Server: Natural Selection 2

Postby Flare on Thu Sep 26, 2019 9:57 pm

Its a old game, but is new school in looks, and I would submit it for a UKCS server if its still possible.


- Dedicated server software, old school style.
- Asymmetrical game style, one is gun shoe marines other is weird alien style
- Mods and rules as we want
- No control from above


- Game is hard to get into
- One side is more popular than the other
- It has a declining playerbase
- Commander role is key, easy to troll the whole match

Natural Selection 2 is a oddball of a game, on one side you have a typical marine team with guns, on the other its a messy group of aliens.
Both teams have a commander, who is basically the guy in the boss seat nothing special, yet this player can win or lose a match solo as a RTS player.

I suggest this game as it still uses the old community based server, you host the game and set the rules, players decided if they want in or not. There is not much as far as micro's concerned, just a few skins but gameplaywise all are equal, and I believe there is a map editor too.
I think it may be worth considering as it allows the community to host a server on its own equipment, has full voice and from what I recently experienced, has the potential to be a community hosted game.

I was surprised how good it looks after leaving the game for a few years, the difference is night and day... it looks and plays much more professionally than it ever did.

Just a suggestion if UKCS still has the capacity to host servers... been a while since developers let communities host... RIP CS and TF2.
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