Anyone Write Music?

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Anyone Write Music?

Postby Allan Ocelot on Sun Aug 04, 2013 3:20 pm

Hello all,

I wanted to do a head count of people who write their own songs, play instruments etc etc at UKCS.

I've always had a deep love for music, creative music, none of the bland awful stuff they throw on radio and tv these days.
I hate sounding like some hipster kid ( I hate those guys too ,not a people person) but I like to source out new and interesting bands, new sounds.

What's your experience of writing music, recording etc?
I have a basic home set up, about to buy a drumkit for my 20th as I take lessons but do not have a kit.

My problem is this, I always think everything I make is horrible, ontop of this I have a hard time completing projects.
I'm getting better all the time, just practicing. I'm hoping to release an ep or album before my 21st and send it to some friends at an American record label for their feedback.

- I want to hear all and any of your musical writing stories, share you're songs, inspiration , if you have anything material wise I'd love to listen.
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Re: Anyone Write Music?

Postby LittleMissSkittles on Sun Aug 04, 2013 6:58 pm

Did someone say music? :D

I sing and play piano/keyboard, and I've been writing songs since I was 13. Just got back into it after a long period of not being able to due to depression. I have a similar struggle with actually getting stuff finished though - I have more part-written lyrics and possible titles than I do actual songs. :P I also find it really difficult to actually transcribe the songs so I can make a piano accompaniment, although I'd love to learn so I can actually try and record something. Does anyone have any advice for someone who's hopeless at music theory?

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Re: Anyone Write Music?

Postby Riful on Fri Aug 30, 2013 11:13 pm

Music student here :) played guitar all my life and played drums for around 7 years
I usually put all of my ideas down on my phone cos i usually get them while no where near an instrument and then when i get home ill record them in to my mac book with some programmed drums ( kit is stored at a friends house for practice).

Allan Ocelot wrote:ontop of this I have a hard time completing projects.

This is something you just have to ignore , we get taught at university to just ignore this voice and complete a project, also getting someone's opinion will help keep you going if they like it.

LittleMissSkittles wrote:Does anyone have any advice for someone who's hopeless at music theory?

Practice practice practice and more practice :) i used to be terrible at music theory, i managed to scrape through college with my theory scores really low and my practical scores really high but after hitting university i have realised how much it makes life easier and it really does just require you to sit down and spend alot of time on it.

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Re: Anyone Write Music?

Postby Blast on Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:46 pm

This is a track from my bands Some Will Be Saved from our EP Our Atlantic Home, we managed to get this onto the movie Pawn Shop Chronicles (Elijah Wood, Norman Reedis, Branden Frasier) and there are talks of our other tracks being in new games coming out.

Yes im aware that most of you will think its a terrible racket ;)

As for recording, pratise, practise practise, tweak each setting as much as you can and you'll be amazed at the fun you can have creating the perfect tone be in through re amping or digitally on your computer.

We never worried about 'finishing' Projects, record them and you can always come back to them later! If we run out of juice for a track, we start writing something different, we've done about a million different tracks just jamming that could be the next 10 Devil Sold His Soul albums, just keep playing around and having fun and everything will fall into place, creating and completing 'projects' like an album can always seem daunting, so just take it one track and a time and piece things together as you go! Even when you finish it you'll hear something that you'd like to try differently! That's the great thing about recording your own material.
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Re: Anyone Write Music?

Postby ApacheFlame on Thu Oct 03, 2013 2:19 am

The guitar tone is grating on me slightly around 30 seconds, but it works when backed up by I assume the bass. Singer's got a great growl on him and I'm loving the arpeggios near the end.

Definitely not a racket :P

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Re: Anyone Write Music?

Postby Urinator on Mon Mar 09, 2015 10:06 am

Been writing music for some time now, maybe 6-7 years. I just me be a vocalist/guitarist in black metal band when I was a teenager, these days I'm a vocalist in a punk band. Mostly write the lyrics, I pretty much suck ass playing guitar.

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