Rocking down to Electric Avenue? Good luck charging your car

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Rocking down to Electric Avenue? Good luck charging your car

Postby gmong on Wed Oct 13, 2021 9:57 am

Rocking down to Electric Avenue? Good luck charging your car


European and U.S. cities planning to phase out combustion engines over the next 15 years first need to plug
a charging gap for millions of residents who park their cars on the street.

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For while electric vehicle (EVs) sales are soaring in Europe and the United States, a lag in installing charging
infrastructure is causing a roadblock.

Often cash-strapped local authorities have other priorities than a kerbside network of charging points which
would allow owners to ensure their EVs are always topped up.

And while that leaves a potential gap for the private sector, it is one that few EV charging startups,
who have been early adopters in other locations, are focused on.

"It's really difficult to tackle on-street residential charging, so there's really not many companies that have,"
Hugh Mackenzie, chief operating officer at Trojan Energy, said.

Trojan has developed a charger, which is being tested on residential streets in two London boroughs,
where EV owners insert a short pole into sockets sunk into the pavement and then plug in their car.

Tim Win, an Uber driver who charges his Nissan Leaf every day, is using the system in Brent,
north London.

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Re: Rocking down to Electric Avenue? Good luck charging your

Postby sadlover23423 on Thu Oct 14, 2021 4:44 pm

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