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Useful UKCS General Information

Postby Xerxes on Mon May 04, 2009 3:07 pm

UKCS Game Servers General Information:

UKCS Server IPs

Here at UKCS we have many servers catering for several different source games (CounterStrike:Source, Day of Defeat:Source, Team Fortress 2, CounterStrike:1.6 and Left 4 Dead).

    DoD:S Server IPs:
      DoD#1: - 32 Player - Official Valve Maps
      DoD#2: - 32 Player - Donner 24/7
      DoD#3: - 32 Player - Sniper Maps
      DoD#4: - 32 Player - Jagd & Colmar
      DoD#5: - 32 Player - Avalanche Extreme!

    CS:S Server IPs:
      CSS#1: - 62 Player CSS
      CSS#2: - 46 Player CSS
      CSS#3: - 62 Player CSS Office Extreme
      CSS#4: - Sunday Evenings Only
    CS 1.6 Server IPs:
      1.6 - Fun Server
    TF2 Server IPs:
      TF2#1: - 32 Player Mixed Maps
      TF2#2: - 26 Player Mixed Maps
      TF2#3: - 32 Player Dustbowl Extreme #1
      TF2#4: - 32 Player Arena mode only
      TF2#5: - 32 Player Dustbowl Extreme #2
      TF2#6: - 32 player Mixed maps
      TF2#7: - 32 Player Goldrush & Badwater only
      TF2#8: - 32 Player Payload Extreme
    L4D Server IPs:
      L4D#1: - Official Left4Dead Maps
      L4D#2: - Official Left4Dead Maps
      L4D#3: - Survival mode Maps

DoD Server and Forum rules

DoD Server rules can be found here. You are expected to follow these rules and anything that admins say when on the servers.

The UKCS forum has its own set of rules that you can read here.

How to contact someone if you have an issue

You can find a list of all the admins and moderators here. Please do not post on the forum if you have been banned, as this will only increase the length of time it takes to process your ban, and possibly increase the length of time you are banned. Instead, please contact a senior admin or Executive admin. You can find a comprehensive list of the admins for DoD on this page.

The UKCS Game Plugin

UKCS now has an official UKCS plugin to DoD with a UKCS logo screen and explicit menu options for joining DoD servers 1 and Donner. The plugin is easy to install by just clicking on the link below and running it.

Download and run this installer. There is further information on the plugin here

The on screen join options allows sponsors to join the servers even when full.

Note. The extra menu options can be removed at anytime by going in to Windows Remove Programs and de-installing.

If you have any questions about the plugin please post here.

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