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UKCS Events Committee

Postby Little_Devil on Mon May 25, 2009 2:18 pm

Invitations are now open to players to participate in an Events committee.

Up to 6 players per game section will be invited on to this committee in a closed area of the forum, away from admins and players alike, not enlisted on the Entertainments committee.

The remit below covers the major points.

Events Committeee Remit

1. The board will consist of at least 1 member from each game section, with a maximum number of 6 players from each game section.
2. To liaise with players and other board members to arrange matches for UKCS.
3. Matches for each game type can be arranged with feedback from selected forum members.
4. There must be at least one event/month.
5. Inactive participants will be removed and replaced, without notice.
6. Any disrespectful or abusive posts will result in immediate dismissal from the Events Committee. Constructive posts and criticisms are encouraged, but they must be worded in a respectful way.
7. Any threads directly relating to a game type must be prefixed to show what the content relates to. For example a post about CSS should be prefixed with [CSS].

Discussions relating to which Maps and special configurations.

1. All arrangements should be confirmed with Exec admin of the game type, at least 14 days in advance.
2. Any special configurations for the event as to weapons must also be included.
3. Advertising of the event must be no later than 10 days in advance of the event, ie name of the event and particulars of the advertising, so therefore as an advisory an exec needs notifying a few days in advance of that.

Please post here, if you are interested in becoming a member viewtopic.php?f=94&t=41995
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