"No Steam Logon" - Steam servers overloaded

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"No Steam Logon" - Steam servers overloaded

Postby TC on Sun Jun 26, 2011 9:23 pm

The Valve steam validation servers are being overloaded by the five fold increase in TF2 players globally. This is causing some players to get connection issues or getting kicked for "No steam logon" (Ie, it cant look up your steamid in a timely manner). Its particularly bad in evenings when there are highest player counts.

The best attempt would be exit the game and restart steam and try again. That may help as you could end up connected to a different steam validation server.

In the meantime we wait on Valve to do some large server upgrades on the validation servers.

This affects ALL steam game types, not just TF2.

For those interested, you can see how many people are playing each Steam game globally using this link:


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