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DoD Admin Application Thread

Postby Cobra on Tue Oct 04, 2005 10:03 pm

UKCS DOD is now recruiting admins to help with the running of the server on a day-day basis...

We are looking for people who are mature and level headed (18+) with no previous cases of bad behavior or alike. People who are already active on the forums and the server, with a friendly nature. References will be taken into account for previous admin on other servers, although I must stress that UKCS needs to be your main server to play on. Forum and Server activity will be taken into account as a minimum of 30 hours a month is required to keep this position (Excluding breaks, holidays etc)

Being admin is not always as glamorous as it looks, it is VERY hard, just ask any admin, it's no walk in the park. Being Admin takes a lot of playing time away, sorting out behavior, speccing people, demoing, and you don't always get the praise that you feel you deserve. That's not to say it's all bad, it's very rewarding at the same time, and gains you a lot of respect. We need to be sure that this won't get in the way with your other commitments in life e.g. college. TC and all the admins don't like seeing people fall behind because of their commitments to UKCS. Saying that, we will help in ANY way we can, any problems at all are easily solved heart to heart.

If you feel you fit into these criteria then post here with your 'resume' telling us why you would be good for the job.


Players are required to be 18+ years of age to apply for an Admin position.

Please post interest here, in the following format -

Name - (Server and Real)

Age -

Location -

Activity on server and Forums -

Times of day you normally play (GMT)

Suitibility -

Experience -

Any other Comments -



If there are any questions, please PM the Exec or a senior

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Postby juff on Thu Dec 27, 2007 5:03 pm

__________ . : Applicants please note : . __________

Admin applicants can only be considered for duty when they have been active on both the forums and servers for 3 months.
(This is dealt with on a case by case basis.)

Players are required to be 18+ years of age to apply for an Admin position.

A reasonable level of English language both written and spoke are essential.

Thanks :)
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Postby Lord_Kaos on Sat Mar 29, 2008 12:17 pm

Name - Javier

Nickname - -=[Lord_Kaos]=-

Age - 18

Location - Jerez de la Frontera, Andalucía, Spain

Activity on server and Forums - I play almost everyday on the Server, and I just joined the forum, but I'm gonna be here everyday ^^

Suitibility - I cannot play in the morning due to university. I can play in the afternoon and if you like to, I can be playing until 2 or 3 am.

Experience - I have been admin of 2 servers of two different clans in Css

Any other Comments - I'd really like to help making the server a little funnier for everyone =)

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Postby Lucian on Thu May 01, 2008 5:18 pm

Name - Lucian (jeppe)

Age - 19

Location - Denmark

Activity on server and Forums - almost 32 hours in 2 weeks

Suitibility - To optaine the sever law and be there if there are on others

Experience - none

Any other Comments - none on my mind ;P see yea guys
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Postby Fro$t on Sat Jun 07, 2008 3:33 am

Name - Rich

Age - 20

Location - England

Activity on server and forums - I play DoDs too much so im online alot :D

Suitibility - Everytime im on the server and no admins are on i keep getting asked to kick people.

Experience - None but we all start somewhere :wink:

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Postby -=TommY-GunZ-FlinT=- on Wed Jun 11, 2008 12:55 pm

Name - Sam

Location - France

Activity on server and forums - im allways on the ukcs dods servers :>

Suitibility - good grasp on whats ok behaviour wise and whats not

Experience - lots of DoDs community experience

Other comments - im allways free and ready to play and help :>

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Postby Gangster on Sat Aug 16, 2008 5:08 pm

Name: GangsTeR |UKCS|

Age: 15

Location: The Netherlands

Activity on server and Forums: As much as I can on server, planning to be more active on the Forums.. Havent been there that much but Im willing to do that

Suitibility: I think I can handle the admin side because I just want to have a nice and clean server where people enjoy to play on, and I want get rid of all those anoying people who break the rules and stuff

Experience: Havent got much experience as an admin but I have had somekind of admin rights @ my clan RuiN as a mapchanger or however you would call it

Any other Comments: I know im a bit to young acording to the requirments but I think I'm serious inoff to handle it. If you arent sure, ask some guys who I play with. (Loeki, Lucifer666, Hugobo, Abraxas)
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Postby BrainDead! on Thu Aug 21, 2008 5:35 am

Name - Casper -> BrainDead! |UKCS|

Age - 15

Location - Denmark

Activity on server and Forums - 42 hours in 2 weeks ^^

Suitibility - Im playing gmod and css but most of my time i spend on dods (UKCS)

Experience - I have played a lot on the servers and know the people.

Any other Comments - Allways say hi and bye bye ;)
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Postby lucifer666 on Wed Sep 10, 2008 7:50 pm

: Jan ->Lucifer666 [DK] |UKCS|

Age- 23

Location: Denmark

Activity on server and forums: 35 hours in week

Suitibility - i only play on donner ukcs is are wery good field

Experience -I have played a lot and are know the rules
Other comments im allways play on donner . donner for life :D

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Postby DrStealth on Wed Sep 24, 2008 5:14 pm

Name - Paul - Dr Stealth / stealth / [Arrse] stealth (or combo of)

Age - 43

Location - north/west uk

Activity on server and Forums - player on ukcs on and off for 3 years. long time lurker on forums.

Suitibility - good guy. highly alergic to trolls.

Experience - ex admin fragmasters dod (with stoned raider / S.R )

Any other Comments - S.R is gay.
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Postby Exton2k3 on Mon Oct 13, 2008 4:32 pm

Name - eXton (dale)

Age - 22

Location - England (burnley)

Activity on server and Forums - for a while on both

Suitibility -

Experience - i was a votekicker before the update i dont know now, ive played for RuiN and gaming clans also

Any other Comments - decided to re apply as i dont play in a gaming clan no more, i basically spend most of my dods time in your place (ukcs) and ill be very active for at least the next 6 months
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Postby ARGON on Tue Oct 14, 2008 11:41 pm


Age- 44

Location: Portugal

Activity on server and forums: most of the nights

Suitibility - i only play on donner ukcs , most of the people respects each other

Experience -I have played a lot and know the rules

Any other Comments: Dont know if it is important but im a father of 14 years old child and for me is importat education and respect

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Re: >> UKCS DOD Recuiting Admins <<

Postby Sonic on Mon Oct 27, 2008 9:53 pm

Name - Sonic-Hugo

Age -16

Location -Portugal

Activity on server and Forums -every day

Suitibility -

Experience -i have been admin in 4 clans, i know some things, not all...but a few things

Any other Comments -no :D
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Re: >> UKCS DOD Recuiting Admins <<

Postby Syntax Error on Fri Dec 26, 2008 10:55 am

Name - Syntax Error
Age -39
Location - The Netherlands
Activity on server and Forums - Daily around noon and the evenings for many months already.
Suitibility - I am already 2 years admin on a Counterstrike server called "Slaughteroffice | 24/7 | United States od Albania" -->
On that server I have server access (partly windows 2003 server based and for uploading (music, maps) a linux FTP server)
Having played CSS for 4 years I am getting bored with it and now focus on DOD.

Experience - 20 years in IT as System Administrator (150+ servers, 1000+ users). Support and helping keeping the CSS server up and running (full server (root) access)

Any other Comments - Dislike crackers (part of my daily job is "security management" to prevent the company I work for getting hacked. Today there was a cracker
online wo spoiled the play. As there was no admin online nobody could stop him other then a temp ban with voting (which did not happen as the cracker left before the vote could be setup)
Being a admin would have helped a lot at that time.

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Re: >> UKCS DOD Recuiting Admins <<

Postby Destroy on Thu Jan 22, 2009 9:45 pm

Game name - Ðestroy-Я ©|UKCS|

Real name - Salemi

Age - 22male

Location - Belgium (be) 'Dutch'

Activity - I play every day on the server(s) 'Cs, Css & Dods'

I Check every day on the Forum for E-mail, News, update's,..

Suitibility - Comfortable & Fantastic

Experience - Good, 2 years ago i head my on server on cs 1.6(amx)

Any Comments - I'm always Active and Standbye for any problems.

* the only ..Destroy-r.. *
Thank you,.
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Re: >> UKCS DOD Recuiting Admins <<

Postby Logic3 on Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:15 pm

Name - Logic3|UKCS| // Super Cow ---------- James

Age - 19

Location - UK, From Reading but @ Southampton for Uni

Activity on server and Forums
- On server almost every day, also on the forums alot and a Moderator for the forums too

Suitibility - Im on alot of the time, and also when im not, im usually avaliable to come online and solve any problems anyone has. I know when to warn, kick or even ban people during gameplay too :D

- Was an admin for my ex clan before UKCS for 3 years on DOD 1.3 and DODS

Any other Comments - I HAER YOU LIKE MUDKIPZ?!
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Re: >> UKCS DOD Recuiting Admins <<

Postby Emokiller_IRE on Mon Mar 02, 2009 4:25 pm

Name - Emokiller|UKCS|(In Game) Brian (Real Life)

Age - 22

Location - Dublin, Ireland

Activity on server and Forums - I been away for a while due to work and internet problems, but work has stabilised and im rocking a 20 mbit connection now . But I have been on the server for a couple of hrs most days of the week, the forums not so much once a day

Suitibility - I have once been an admin for this community on dod:s and when tf:2 was starting out but had to give it up as I could not commit the time due work commitments and dodgy broadband, but now I have settled in at work and sorted out a fast connection I would really like the chance at another shot.

Experience - I have playing dod:s since 2005 and I know all the maps very well plus weapons classes. Plus well I have admined in previous dod:s and css:s clan's servers plus I was formerly an admin for this part of the community so I know whats expected of a person taking on the respected role.

Any other Comments - Thanks. Hope to finds you well :D

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Re: >> UKCS DOD Recuiting Admins <<

Postby sgt aftershave on Sat Mar 14, 2009 10:50 am

Name - Sgt Aftershave/Gavin

Age - 18

Location -Glasgow

Activity on server and Forums -Very old member but been gone for a while and looking to come back. playing most nights. tend do to from half 4 till half 5 or sometimes right through to 7. and some nights between 9 and 10. also friday nights between 4.30 and 7.30 are possible. im not as active on the forums though but will push myself more on them.

Suitibility - Always was a friendly player and wouldnt judge a player straight away. would give a second chance unless positive there was cheating going on

Experience - im a votekicker and always used my powers within reason, always told admins(when available) a dodgy player in my eyes. was a member of the DoDS clan Cottonbalers, admin on their server for a while and at one point DoDs clan leader

Any other Comments - im a good friendly player and i will be making an appearance on servers more within the next few months. just posting this so im in consideration. :D
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Re: >> UKCS DOD Recuiting Admins <<

Postby ANEKi on Sat Mar 14, 2009 4:16 pm

In-game Name: ANEKi |UKCS| Real Name: Steve

Age: 26

Location: Blackpool, England

Activity on Server and Forums: I more or less live and breathe on the servers. 4 weeks ago my average hours were 70+, and the last 2 weeks (due to returning to work) it's dropped to an average of 50+ hours. I've been a member of the forums since March 2008 and make regular posts and a regular supporter by making regular contributions to UKCS to keep it running and purely for the service that is provided.

Suitability: I've been playing video games since I was about 11 and more importantly have been playing Valve's games since the glorious Half-Life. But over the past few years, I've been addicted to Day of Defeat Source. On the servers I'd like to say that I'm well known by many of the regulars that haunt it, and most of the admins. To the new-comers, I always try to help the best I can in a clear and concise way so that they better enjoy there stay on the UKCS servers. I also help the admins and alert them to any suspected foul-play that may be going on.

Experience: Unfortunately, I've never had any experience in being a server admin. This will be my very first application! But then again, everyone has to start somewhere! But in a way, could be a good thing, as then I can be moulded into how admins should act ;)

Any other comments: Thanks for taking the time to consider my rather long application, and if chosen, I'd really appreciate the chance to add and help make UKCS probably the best community for online gaming ever.

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Re: >> UKCS DOD Recuiting Admins <<

Postby Kitteh on Tue Mar 17, 2009 8:01 pm

Real name - Ryan

Server name - GunRunner |UKCS| or Kitteh |UKCS|

Age - 18

Location - United States

Activity on forums and servers - I usually am there to start UKCS 1, and if not I will always join it if I am not already on UKCS Donner. I now have time to do the forum some more, so that is what I have been doing lately.

Suitability - I know what is good and poor behavior. I speak multiple languages. (which is used for bad language translating) I am mostly on when there are no other admins on, thanks to the time difference of 6 hours, and the fact that I am always on there.

Experience - I have been an admin multiple times before. I know how to work most admin programs including command-admin and mani-admin and others. I have played on the UKCS servers for a long time ever since I got the game and I know the rules for just about everything. Only rules left to learn are for administrating.

Any other comments - I would really appreciate this, counting on I find that I am alone and no one can come to the servers' aid on some days when people are behaving poorly. Only reason my acount for forums isn't over 3 months old is because I lost the password to my other account and my other one is about 1.5 years old. So, I have been active on forums long enough to meet the requirement.
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