My DoD:S map under development

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My DoD:S map under development

Postby rwp80 on Sat Feb 24, 2007 2:32 am


I have a question for the UKCS server admins:
For the last few days, I have been creating a DoD:S custom map. In the next few days I should have a playable beta version ready. Is there any chance we could try it out on the UKCS DoD:S servers please? :D

The outer structure (skybox etc) isn't complete right now so it's not worth posting screenshots yet. If I did, they would be very ugly screenshots from the Hammer editor. :?
As soon as I can, I will post in-game screenshots here in this thread (this post?)

It started off as a 3v3 map, then morphed into 4v4 and is now looking good as a 6v6 map (for clan matches?! :D )

The general structure is reverse-symmetrical (like a square ying-yang). So like Kalt it's an equal race for the middle 2-man flag. However, both sides are tactically different in the structural detail.
The Allied side is a little more detailed, with plenty of places to hide while taking shots at the enemy side. The Wehrmacht side is a little more open and covered, so it's slightly more power-play from the axis side.

So far it looks like any class could play this map tactically. There's a nice mix of long, medium, and short range areas. Also there's plenty of opportunity for forward camping (by forward I mean 'in battle', not noob camping at the first flag).

...oh i'm so proud! 8)

Don't worry, I won't be wanting to upload the map until the beta's good, playable, and ready for battle. :wink:

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