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Postby kraski on Sat Feb 24, 2007 1:33 pm

I had just finished a done up version of battlecreek for hl2dm,i had no plans to bring this to dods.
then i saw a server running full with people using my old version.
(i couldnt believe it was still being used)
So i thought i would port over the new one to dods someone out there may want it.
I have gone with a completely new look for it (compared to the original) it is now in a snowy type scene.
In a bid to improve gameplay i have put just one flag per team at the main front entrances of each of the fort structures.
It takes two to capture the opposits teams fort but just one to get yours.
This should hopefully encourage people to defend inside the bases
with a kind of entrenched warfare feel to it.

if anybody wants it with regular textures and the old flag positions just say, it would just take about five minutes to do.

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