Some help please - and a new member - intoducing myself

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Some help please - and a new member - intoducing myself

Postby guisongs on Sat May 31, 2008 3:07 pm

Dear Sir

I am a DOD USER (no steam, no source) asking for some help

I want play my dod as a deathmatch (not capture flag kind of) and I found some info on the net that is possible, or using plugins or editing/creating maps

But is too dificult to me do it, so I ask you if you can help me or find people that can do some of this editions to me.

The first information I got, after research on GOOGLE is

1) Using pluings, (advanced users)

This is what is write inside sma file (not all only the section that interest me show you, about delete flags) part of dodmappersttings.sma (have another file also called "dodmappersttings.amxx")


Dod MapSettings
Author: 29th ID
Credits: VEN from amxx forums

Part of the 29th ID's modification to
Day of Defeat, making it more realistic
DOD:Realism -


This plugin allows you to edit your server's gameplay within each map in the following ways.

-Enable or Disable "paras" on allies (skins and weapons)
-Enable or Disable "paras" on axis (skins and weapons)
-Enable British or Americans (skins and weapons)
-Remove all flags from the map (good for deathmatch-style play)
-Remove the timer from the map (good for deathmatch-style play)
-Remove spawn guns (players can enter enemy spawns)

Usage (CVARs):
dod_map_settings <1>
Enables or Disables the overall plugin
dod_map_alliesparas <1>
Sets allies paras (skins and weapons)
Setting to 1 enables
Setting to 0 disables
Setting to -1 ignores command and goes to map default

Dod_map_axisparas <1>
Sets axis paras (skins and weapons)
Setting to 1 enables
Setting to 0 disables
Setting to -1 ignores command and goes to map default

Dod_map_alliescountry <1>
Sets British or Allies
Setting to 1 is British
Setting to 0 is Americans
Setting to -1 ignores command and goes to map default
dod_map_removeflags <1>

Setting to 1 removes all flags and control points
dod_map_removetimer <1>

Setting to 1 removes the map timer
dod_map_removespawngun <1>
Setting to 1 removes the spawn gun and trigger_hurt in spawn

#include <amxmodx>
#include <amxmisc>
#include <fakemeta>

#define PLUGIN "Dod MapSettings"
#define VERSION "1.0"
#define AUTHOR "29th ID"

new g_set_alliesparas, g_set_axisparas, g_set_alliescountry, g_ent
new g_entity_doddetect[] = "info_doddetect"
new g_kv_alliesparas[] = "detect_allies_paras"
new g_kv_axisparas[] = "detect_axis_paras"
new g_kv_alliescountry[] = "detect_allies_country"

// Done in precache so it is caught before the entities are spawned
public plugin_precache() {

register_forward(FM_KeyValue, "forward_keyvalue")

register_cvar("dod_map_settings", "1")
register_cvar("dod_map_alliesparas", "-1")
register_cvar("dod_map_axisparas", "-1")
register_cvar("dod_map_alliescountry", "-1")
register_cvar("dod_map_removeflags", "0")
register_cvar("dod_map_removetimer", "0")
register_cvar("dod_map_removespawngun", "0")

// Done in init to remove entities that were already created
public plugin_init() {

register_plugin(PLUGIN, VERSION, AUTHOR)
remove_map_ents("dod_control_point", 0)
remove_map_ents("dod_round_timer", 0)
if(get_cvar_num("dod_map_removespawngun")) {
remove_map_ents("func_tank", 0) // The gun that shoots you if you're in enemy spawn

remove_map_ents("trigger_hurt", 64) // 64 means DontHurtAllies
remove_map_ents("trigger_hurt", 128) // 128 means DontHurtAxis

* etc and etc.... (continue)

2) The other way I found is in one post that says this

" Cate a game_score entity with Name: game_playerkill,Points to Add: 1 .

You're set for deathmatch uber fun!!!. Dependning on tk penalty, you might need to award 2 points. It dpeends, but from my testing with Sturmbots, awarding 1 point for the game_score entity is enough to receive 1 point for every TK! game_entities were meant to create teamplay in HL, but now it is being used to create deathmatch in DoD....."

So . this cleary prove that IS POSSIBLE turn DOD TO DEATHMATCH WAY.

The only problem, is I cannot use that information to do somethinq, and i dont want ever try dosince i need advanced skills to do it. Perhaps some guys can edit and create some maps,or ever say where I find this kind of maps to me play on deathmatch style, using bots like sturmbot, etc

I can pay also (paypal) for this service, if have some sites that offer this on the net - thanks!

Also I hear about some editors that enable do some of this thinqs, called 'VALVE HAMMER" (??)

Or a easy to use editor to create or modify capture flag maps and convert to deathmath (??)

Thanks for any help (if you cannot help, please tell me some e-mail of "experts" you know so Ican talk in MSN and asking, or send e-mails)

With my sincere respect,


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Postby Cobra on Sat May 31, 2008 5:00 pm

Please don't create multiple topics, keep it to one section...ta.

Welcome btw :).


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