de_suburban_madrid Development Thread

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de_suburban_madrid Development Thread

Postby tster on Tue Oct 12, 2010 2:36 pm

Not sure about the name
12th October 2010
Progress 0%

So, Im hoping to create a bombsite map, and make it very intresting by including 3 main heights

____ __ ______ ____ _____ Highest point, Buildings
\ / \ / \/ \ / \
_______________________________ Ground Level
________ __________ ________
________\ /_________\ /_______\ Lowest Point Sewers

Jesus, Failed Diagram :D

Anyway, here is some more details

Bombsite A - A courtyard
Bombsite B - A Park
Outside the boundaries - Will be made of prefabs and some blocked by other buildings
Distance Features - One long way, which probably will be dominated by snipers, a short way for P90 rushers etc and medium way, for the safe players that use Aks and M4A1s

So what do you think of the project, I can give more details if needed

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