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Textures for your maps

PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2012 8:58 am
by Platypus
Hello !
Just to say that if you need it, I can work with you to customise textures or modeling stuff for your maps.
I'm Photoshopping, drawing and 3D modeling everyday (I'm a product designer).
You will find samples of my work here : (it's my pro site for furniture, light etc...)
and there : (personal sketches, 2D illustrations ...)
And also I made menus and some textures for a videogame made by friends, it's free you can dowload it here :

I already own my design company VERSUS Design, so I won't be able to spend days on your artworks, but there is still some hours left on evenings and weekends !!
See you soon !

PS : This post is OK with TC, please do not delete it as an advertisment : I only offer free help to the community ;)