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Vote Kicker - Rules of Conduct & Application

Postby TC on Tue Jan 01, 2008 1:32 pm

Vote Kicker rules and application

    Please read the rules of being a Vote Kicker below, if you understand them and happy to follow them, then please post an application in this thread. Using this form.

When should a VK use their powers?


    Any complaints about a vote kicker misusing there powers immediately results in the removal of those powers.

    VK is emergency use, and somebody saying "piss off" when no admins is not categorised as an emergency. VKers are only there for real emergencies like a blatent hacker with super aimbot and everyone is shouting out hacker hacker hacker and ppl quitting the server cos of it. Its for actioning things affecting the whole server in an emergency when no admin is about. Otherwise VK's should be like 'sleepers'.

    Admins go through an incredibly tough time of training, reading rules and all past cases, constantly being told off by TC and others for all bad calls, constantly having to log everyone they short ban or want permie bans for future reference, attend admin meetings, having to keep up with new rules, rarely getting to play as constantly on duty and having to deal with a constant bararge of admin messages. To give you an idea, in the admin forum areas there are over 78,000 posts by admins discussing, recording and taking actions. A person is either an admin, or they are not.

    As VKers are not admins, they are not involved in all that process that is necessary to act as an admin and enforce rules. Thats why we can have 50 vote kickers because they are low maintenance - emergecy use only - PLAYERS. You can't have one group of people being free lancers trying to do the same job as admins with no controls, and if you added the same controls then they'd be admins by that point. They are not, they are Vkers.

Kicking by vote:

    The command to initiate a vote kicker vote is:

    ukcs_votekick <steamid/part name> <reason>

    This will then put up a vote kick and display your reason to all players on the server. The options include Yes to kick the person, No to not kick the person and a third option to kick the person putting up the vote. The last option is there to discourage a VKer putting up a vote that is not in the interest of the players on the server. If the winning option is "Yes" for the reason you gave, that person is then removed from the server. If "No", then the target can remain on the server. If "Kick the kicker", then the VKer is kicked for putting up a vote the majority of the current players disagreed with.
    Note: a Votekick also include a 10 minute ban.

    If seeing a hacker and you cannot get a hold of an admin, record a demo and do ukcs_who in console to get the steamID's. Now after a demo has been made, kick the player. Then send a pm to one of the admins with a link to the demo on the UKCS uploader.

Spray Inspection

    This command has kick options when used by a vote kicker.

Examples of where VK should be used:

    Blatent hacker killing everyone every around and no admin on and the whole server is in an uproar.
    Somebodys language is so bad that everyone is moaning and complaining for them to get off the server, there is no admin around, and the whole server is in an uproar.
    Use the spray inspector where a spray is ILLEGAL by law. In these cases, just take a screenshot of the spray before performing a kick/ban and send it to the admins.

Examples of where VK has been misused:

    None of these can be categorised as "An Emergency where the whole server is in uproar and no admins are available"
    Somebody says "piss off".
    Somebody exaggerates about their health before a knife fight.
    Somebody being afk.
    Not planting the bomb.
    "Being a nab".
    Kicking for an unsitely spray.
    Arguing with another player.
    Vote Kicking anyone when an admin is on #1 or #2.

Check if admins are on the servers:

    VK'ers can tell if any admins are on either server by typing the following command in console: ukcs_admins
    Using "@" will speak to an admin on remote servers if no admin on the server you are on. A VK'er will be unable to preform a VK if there is an admin on the same server.

    A VK should also try to add the admins of their game section to their steamfriends list.
    CS 1.6 Admins
    CSS Admins
    DOD Admins
    TF2 Admins

    ukcs_who <steamid/part name> - lists players, with steamID.
    ukcs_votekick <steamid/part name> <reason> - Votekicks player.
    ukcs_admins - Lets VK check if admins are on either servers.

    So, as a vote kicker, council member or responsible player your role is to set a good example. Be happy and friendly on the server. Support the UKCS name. Gain respect of others and use that respect to influence in a peaceful (non kick using) way. VKs use the kick in EMERGENCY cases only. Its also possible to advance from VK to admin.

Click to link to this anchor. VK application form:

    Use this form to post an application in this thread. You must also be ready to demonstrate that you have read and understood the rules above, before receiving ingame powers.

    Code: Select all
    Game Name:
    Server you visit most and the times you usually play:
    What's your history with UKCS?:

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Re: Vote Kicker - Rules of Conduct & Application

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