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Admin Abuse

Postby UK_sniper on Tue Dec 23, 2008 9:00 pm

Im going to make this as blunt and concise as possible.

The UKCS TF2 admin team will not accept any form of abuse from players either on the server or on the forum.

The team work exceedingly hard to keep the servers fun and friendly. Appreciate the team that work behind the scenes or you could find yourself without the fun atmosphere you have come accustomed to, or worse without the servers at all.

Any report of abuse against a member of the TF2 or any admin team member, including but not exclusively witch hunting, spiteful chat messages, vocal abuse, swearing or name calling will result in swift and severe punishment with the likelihood of losing the ability to play on UKCS or use the forums for an extended period of time. We work closely with the other admin teams and the forum moderators and so you could find yourself with no access to UKCS CSS, L4D, DODS or Forums for the length of your ban.

If you want further information regarding this PM either Kan, Unspecified, Wombat or Xerxes.
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