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Postby UK_sniper on Sun Jan 11, 2009 11:53 am


This an alert message following a recent number of threads that have been posted.

The UKCS servers will NOT be implementing a forced autojoin on its TF2 servers

If we were to employ a forced autojoin feature all the result would be is that we'd have players camping within spec waiting to join the team they would have joined normally.

If players are actively avoiding the autobalancer for example if u see the following:

Player a joined Blue
Player a was automatically assigned to team Red by autobalancer
Player a joined Spectator
Player a joined Blue

Then alert an admin by doing:

@ We have a player avoiding the autobalancer. They are called player a.

If there is admin available they deal with appropriately. If there isn't please take a note of the time and the server you are on. PM one of the TF2 admins on here and we can deal with it by looking at the logs.

Any future topics regarding this will be removed from the public view and you will receive a PM pointing you to this post.

If you still want to debate this topic you can do so by PMing or MSNing either Kan, Unspecified or Xerxes


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