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TF2 Server Rules & Ban contact information

PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2009 1:25 pm
by UK_sniper
Click to link to this anchor. Server rules:

    Link to this Rule. 1.  Any behaviour meant to shock, disturb or upset players is forbidden.This includes but is not limited to: swearing, sexism, racism, witch hunting etc
    Link to this Rule. 2.  Racism, prejudice, political or religious comments that are hostile are not welcome.
    Link to this Rule. 3.  The servers are English, please only speak English over voice chat.
    Link to this Rule. 4.  Impersonating an admin is strictly forbidden.
    Link to this Rule. 5.  Hacking / scripts are not allowed on UKCS at all. This includes building scripts and firing scripts. Using these can result in a permanent ban.
    Link to this Rule. 6.  Wasting admins time is forbidden.
    Link to this Rule. 7.  Slot wasting is not allowed. UKCS has an auto kick system on its servers. If you are found to be slot wasting on a full server you will be removed. Slot wasting on full servers can include taunting, playing friendly and simply hiding the other side of the map away from the action, which is unfair on those queuing to get on the server.
    Link to this Rule. 8.  Accusing players on public chat is not allowed. Use the @ message system to alert an admin.
    Link to this Rule. 9.  Griefing/glitching and exploiting are strictly forbidden. This includes building in restricted areas, setting up teleporter traps, and disadvantaging your team.
    Link to this Rule. 10.  Avoiding the auto balancer is forbidden. If you are spotted doing so you will be told to return to the previous team.
    Link to this Rule. 11.  Manipulation of the chat box is not allowed. This covers colouring your text, spamming and abusing the cross server chat system.
    Link to this Rule. 12.  Pornographic or other controversial sprays. Fake player sprays are also illegal, animated or not.
    Link to this Rule. 13.  High ping/lagging.
    Link to this Rule. 14.  Blank names/Abusive names.
    Link to this Rule. 15.  Moaning about servers or admins.
    Link to this Rule. 16.  Talking about drugs.
    Link to this Rule. 17.  Disrespecting admins or abusing them for doing their job.
    Link to this Rule. 18.  Spamming admin chat. The admins will receive your message, no need to spam it.
    Link to this Rule. 19.  Abusing or undermining the admin team is at your own risk - all admins have a free banning policy on this. If you decide to act against this rule, punishment is likely to include permanent banning.
    Link to this Rule. 20.  Negating the effects of the Team Scramble will be treated the same way as avoiding the Auto-Balance function. If you change after the Team Scramble had been activated, you will be asked to move back to your previous team. Failure to follow admin requests will likely result in kicking or worse.
    Link to this Rule. 21.  Clanned players are not to unfairly stack onto one team causing an unfair imbalance. Clanned players believed to be stacking onto one side will be asked by the admins to spread out between the two teams.

Click to link to this anchor. If you're trying to circumvent any rule in some clever way or trying to analyse the wording on this page to find some stupid loophole, we don't want you here anymore. UKCS is a friendly and open community, where we expect everyone to behave in a positive and constructive manner. If you are unable to do so, you may find yourself without access to UKCS.

Click to link to this anchor. Punishments you may face:

    1. Private Warnings
    2. Slaps
    3. Forced Suicide
    4. Unquenchable Burning
    5. Kicks
    6. Bans ranging from 10 minutes to permanent.

Click to link to this anchor. Help, I have been banned:

If a ban has taken place, and you feel that its wrong and would like to make an appeal; Copy the below form and input the required information and send it as a PM to any of the TF2 Admins listed here. If you post about kicks/bans on the forum, you will receive an automatic 48 Hour ban and/or forum privileges removed for a period of time.

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    I wish to make an appeal against my ban for ?????
    Any other comments you would like to add: