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Postby UK_sniper on Sat Jun 06, 2009 7:03 pm

UKCS Team Fortress 2 Information...

    Hello and welcome to the TF2 Section of the UKCS forums. If you are new to the forums or haven't made a post yet, you might want to go to the New Member Introductions and Member Celebrations Section and make a thread so that everyone can see you're a new member. UKCS is a friendly place and we hope you will enjoy your time here!

    Within this thread you will find specific information about the Team Fortress 2 servers at UKCS.

Click to link to this anchor. UKCS Server IPs and GUI:

    Here at UKCS we have many servers catering for several different source games (CounterStrike:Source, Day of Defeat:Source, Team Fortress 2, CounterStrike:1.6 and Left 4 Dead).

    The TF2 server IPs are:
    • TF2#1: - 32 Player – Valve + Customs
    • TF2#2: - 26 Player - Valve + Customs
    • TF2#3: - 32 Player - Dustbowl Only
    • TF2#4: - 32 Player - Arena/KoTH (Arena modded so everyone plays)
    • TF2#5: - 32 Player - Dustbowl Extreme #2
    • TF2#6: - 32 Player - Valve + Customs
    • TF2#7: - 32 Player - Turbine/Badwater Extreme
    • TF2#8: - 32 Player - Valve/Custom Payload Maps Extreme
    All the other UKCS game server IPs can be found here.

    You can also use the UKCS GUI which will connect you with a single click. For more information about the UKCS GUI, or need help with the plugin, please post here.

    Click here to get the UKCS TF2 GUI setup.

Click to link to this anchor. What are the TF2 Server/Forum rules?

    The TF2 Server rules can be found here. You are expected to follow these rules and follow what UKCS admins say when on the servers.

    The UKCS forum has its own set of rules that you can read here.

Click to link to this anchor. What about the |UKCS| tag and how do I find my SteamID?

    When you sign up to the UKCS forum you are asked to add your unique SteamID. There is a guide on how to find the SteamID here. Active members of the UKCS community use the |UKCS| tag in game, to show that UKCS is their home server, and that it's the server they regularly play on. It also signifies that you are a member of the community. Everyone that is a member of the forum with their SteamID in their profile is welcome to wear the tag with pride!

Click to link to this anchor. How can I donate to UKCS?

    UKCS is funded entirely by voluntary donations, which ensure that we have the best servers with the best possible playing experience for you. Everyone that donates towards the running costs not only help maintain the servers and the UKCS community, they also receive VIP access to all UKCS servers for at least a month. This means they do not need to queue to join UKCS servers when they are full.

    If you want to donate via PayPal, you can either click the link at the top of the forum or on the homepage, or alternatively go straight here. If you donate by PayPal, then your VIP access will be granted immediately and your donation will also be listed on the homepage.
    You can alternatively donate by post using cash or cheques by sending either to using the Official UKCS address:

      UKCS, PO BOX 27015, Worcester Park, KT4 9AA

    Cheques should be made out to "UKCS". Please remember to add your playing name/SteamID and your real name somewhere so we know who has kindly helped out UKCS. Please also make sure there is a return address in case of delivery problems. :)

Click to link to this anchor. How can I contact an admin in game?

    If you have any trouble whilst playing on the server, be it a disruptive player, a hacker or just a general query- you can contact an online admin by saying "@message" where message is what you want to say. This will alert all admins with a popup message and they will reply as soon as possible. Don't worry, only you and the admin team can see the messages you send. Please try not to spam the admins either, and only send your message once.

Click to link to this anchor. I think I've spotted a cheater/hacker! What should I do?

    If there is someone you think is using hacks, cheating or using exploits, the first thing you should do is try to contact an admin using the "@" command. If there is no admin currently available you may want to make a demo to show an admin at a later date. This is also useful if you want to record yourself playing to show others.

    To record a demo, type "record demoname" in the console. Then type "status" to get the steamID of all the players currently in game.
    This will record what you see, whether you are spectating another player or playing yourself. It will also record anything being said on a mic on your team. To stop recording a demo, type stop in console. To play a demo you have recorded, type playdemo demoname in the console.
    The demo will be located in: C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\<steamusername>\Team Fortress 2\TF and be named yourdemoname.dem.

    If you have recorded a demo of a cheater or abuser on the UKCS TF2 servers, upload the demo on the UKCS uploader. There is a guide on how to use the UKCS uploader here.

    When you have uploaded the demo send a PM, including the link to the demo, to any of the TF2 Admins listed here

Click to link to this anchor. Does UKCS have a Teamspeak server?

    Yes! We have a UKCS Teamspeak server where people can socialise, chat and just generally have a good time.
    For more information about the Teamspeak server click here.

Click to link to this anchor. When I'm playing on the server, how can I see who has sprayed an image?

    If you are registered on the UKCS forums and have your SteamID correctly set in your profile, you can use the UKCS Spray Inspection command. This allows you to compliment players on their sprays if you like them and also to report a spray if you find it offensive. For information about how to use the in game spray inspection, click here.

Click to link to this anchor. Is there an official guide to UKCS?

Click to link to this anchor. Other helpful threads:

Click to link to this anchor. Who are the TF2 Admin Team?

The UKCS TF2 Admin Team can be found here

Click to link to this anchor. How can I join the TF2 admin team?
As the largest game type within UKCS at the moment with a constant player base of nearly 200 players 24/7 we are always on the look out for new admins to help. If you think you have what it takes please apply within this thread. All applications are considered.

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