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Re: any chance of sv pure 1

Postby ApacheFlame on Thu Feb 21, 2013 6:00 pm

A couple of days ago Xerxes and I spoke about SV_PURE 1 in passing. It is something we, as a team, are going to look into subject to Kan and the senior team's agreement, nothing more than that at this stage.

It is a decision that will be made by the admin team when we have full knowledge of the impact that it will make, both advantages and disadvantages.

This thread has become personal in many ways and as such I am going to leave this thread locked during this deliberation period.

As a reminder to all players. If you have a demo of a suspected hacker please email it to and the appropriate team will review it. Failing that have some admins on your steamfriends or use @ ingame to call an admin.
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