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Whitelist Enhancements to UKCS TF2

Postby Xerxes on Sat Mar 30, 2013 10:23 pm

Please be aware that we are now implementing whitelists in TF2, in addition to cheat detection software to ensure that players are not gaining an unfair advantage on UKCS. This is an in-built feature of TF2 that actively blocks certain content that can allow, for example, players to have skins visible through walls or to see where all sticky bombs are on a map.

In the past we have not opted to implement such features due to the inherent restriction it would put on legitimate custom content. Over time a lot of this content has been moved into the game itself and become part of the TF2 universe and more is being legitimately placed in game through the Steam workshop over time. As such we have chosen to start using whitelists now as nearly all useful and legitimate custom content is available readily in game, and restricting what can be installed in these areas will help limit illegitimate and unfair content.

If you have any content that would give you an unfair advantage installed, it will no longer work on UKCS. As this system completely blocks this content on our servers you will not be banned or kicked for trying to use such content, but you will also no longer receive any benefit from doing so.

I remind everyone that using cheats or settings used to give you an unfair advantage over other players is not allowed. We are aware that some legitimate content may be caught using these new whitelists - if you have something installed that is either broken (ie partially not working) or feel should be allowed, please let us know.

This topic is being locked - as cheating of any kind does not need to be debated.

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