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Postby heuji on Sun Jun 07, 2015 2:11 pm

exxxie wrote:What about a nominate system (like I've seen elsewhere). Seeing pl_pipeline pl_hoodoo pl_goldrush come up in the vote is enough to drive you to self-harm, alcoholism and fragmasters.

i swear the vote system doesn't work too. either, people don't vote or weapon switch vote, the same maps are generally the only choices given (i fail to believe people like hoodoo, goldrush, etc. on 32 man), or, people just vote for maps they know. whatever it is, there's far too many small pl/plr maps come up for a 32 man server.
i don't mean to be rude either, as i've heard the argument countless times that the plugin breaks implementing changes, but, after so many years of people complaining i'd have thought UKCS would have looked for a suitable replacement plugin that's more adaptable to the times and preferences.

i'm kind of over 32 man in general. #2 was much better as it wasn't just pl maps, and, it was 26 man. i find myself on other servers more often than not these days as only pl gets boring, and, 32 man just promotes a spamfest and turtling, also boring/tiresome, especially with instant respawn. who am i/are we to say though as #8 is extremely popular.
#4 is my favourite UKCS server but it is never busy. then again, there's so many drivel maps on that server it's unfunny. i'm such a fan of servers with the time limited option of !nominate & !rtv (so they can't be spammed), even set rotation is fine as at least there's variety.

on topic; i still think the autoassign works, even if there is ways around it. i haven't seen that many force stacking when i've been on. yes, sometimes it can assign strong vs weak, but, it's better than being facerolled by a meaningfully stacked full team.
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