UKCS and a friendship!

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UKCS and a friendship!

Postby Allan Ocelot on Sun Aug 02, 2015 6:01 pm

Hello all,

It sure has been a long time, huh?

I used to play on the UKCS servers all the time, until sadly, life got in the way and I just kind of stopped logging in - sorry for that!
This is not a sad post however, this is a happy post!

So, Alot has changed since I last played but most of you (hopefully) will remember me as "The Bard", Around two years ago I decided to play some guitar and make some improvised songs up whilst slightly drunk.
The admins let me do so and we all had a great time, I had no idea the video was being recorded however - by Nick (Serradoss) for his youtube channel.

The first recording of that night....

Well, me and Nick added each other to steam, started playing games together and generally being good friends.
We have had a great friendship ever since that one night singing with you all on the server. Well - This year I went back packing in Europe (again) and decided to stop off at Nicks house.... in Austria.... and then visit Venice together....So we did that.

Image One

Image Two

(We have more photos but, you know, less spam ahah)

I know the UKCS clan have a meet up at the Lan festival every year and the group has always been super friendly. I'm still in touch with many of you still to this day (although some of you have deleted me on steam, the shock, the horror!). I wanted this post to serve as:

1:A thank you. Without your welcoming, fun to play on server, with great people - The chances of me and Nick meeting are stupidly slim, but we both called UKCS home for a period of time, allowing us to meet. So thank you.

2: A reminder that just because someone is behind a keyboard ( in a country that England has beat in two world wars ) - does not make them any less of a "Real Friend". I'm proud to call Nick a friend and I hope this inspires some of you guys to go hang out with your virtual brothers/sisters in the real world.

I also highly recommend taking them on a romantic pizza date in Venice. It's such a manly way to hang out!.

Soooooo Romantic

I hope to see you all on the server next weekend, when I'll be coming to play some more TF2 with you all!
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Re: UKCS and a friendship!

Postby ListerofSMEG-2 on Sun Aug 02, 2015 10:13 pm

If you're near Coventry over the August Bank holiday, come see us in the Ricoh Arena for the Lan :)
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Re: UKCS and a friendship!

Postby Deathtaker27 on Sun Aug 09, 2015 6:37 am

Hey Ocelot,

2 years? How time flies glad your well mate!

Thanks Podge, speccy and Tao
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