Posting "Goodbye" then not actually going anywhere

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Posting "Goodbye" then not actually going anywhere

Postby TC on Sat Oct 01, 2005 4:41 pm


We have spells of players posting "Im off, goodbye" and usually within 2 days they are back playing or on the forums and all a little embarassed they made the post in the first place. Seems players often do this in a bad spell of feeling down, a temporary bad mood, or feeling a little in need of some attention.

About 90% of posts i've ever seen have been false in this way.

Unfortunately this just causes other players to get all worked up that they think somebody is leaving which is actually not happening. Now, like any game, it has a shelf life for players and people do move on, for what ever reasons. However, please can people stop posting BEFORE they have actually left. Leave it a week, see if you are ACTUALLY moving on to other things, then leave a departing post if you feel the need.

Thank you.

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