UKCS Competition Scam Attempts

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UKCS Competition Scam Attempts

Postby Synaphix on Mon May 01, 2017 11:04 am

Hello UKCS,

I am just posting this message to let you know that last night I had received a complaint from a user in regards to people adding them to Steam and claiming that they had won a competition from UKCS and had seen today a similar message posted on our Steam group which is trying to get users to fall for a scam and possibly infect their computer.

I am not sure if the reports were for the same thing but basically the user had added them to their steam, told them that they had won a competition on UKCS and to click a link to download their skins. Whilst I am sure you would not fall for this, I thought I would make a post just in case to let you know.

Please be aware that we usually make a forum post, event or some form of communication on the website or steam group letting users know about any planned competition if it was from our end and otherwise, unless approved by a member of the admin team from a specific game, a user on UKCS usually does not hold a competition. We can of course not stop them from doing this but from my personal past experience they had asked us beforehand if this was okay when using the UKCS community.

Please feel free to report anyone attempting this to me via PM with a screenshot and their user profile/steam ID if possible - thanks.
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