The UKCS Awards 2009 - Vote Now!

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The UKCS Awards 2009 - Vote Now!

Postby Nelsaidi on Mon Dec 14, 2009 10:42 pm


The UKCS Awards 2009 - They're Here!

Yes folks you heard me right, the UKCS Awards of this excellent year have arrived better than ever! This year we have an awesome page where you can nominate the person of your liking for each of the 57 awards across 7 categories!

To vote, simply visit the following URL:

Special thanks to TC, Xerxes, Trev, Batj, Nelsaidi for all the effort put into this, and you the community for some of the question suggestions. So, thanks you guys :)

There are a few important things to take note off:
  1. You CANNOT change your vote once submitted, so take your time and think carefully
  2. The person you nominate must be registered on the forums, if you enter someone who isn't then that nomination will be ignored
  3. Use the autocomplete box to your advantage, if you cannot find someone - use the forums built in search facility or copy their username from the forums (exactly as it appears - well, if it doesnt show up in the auto complete even after pasting then its not valid)
  4. The voting starts now and ends at 1 minute past midnight on new years! (00:01 AM 1/1/2010)

To discuss this announcement, please use the thread located in the off topic section - which can be found at :)

So, thats all for now - Happy Voting!


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