Resizing *.Gif images.

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Resizing *.Gif images.

Postby Xerxes on Fri Jan 02, 2009 6:57 pm

As Benjy! requested how to resize *.gif files recently, I've written a short tutorial on how to do it with free software. Note, you'll need to get your hands dirty a little bit with command line.

  1. Go here and scroll down to "Windows Binaries". I assume you are running windows, if you wish to get it working on other platforms, PM me. :)
  2. Select the installer you want (probably the top one) and download/install. Don't worry about the other options at install, just click through unless you wish to use the development options. Make sure that "Update the exectuble search path" is selected otherwise the rest of this will not work.
  3. Now, get your gif that you wish to resize and pop it onto your desktop or another easy to find location. Any location will do, but for the purposes of this tutorial, desktop will be used for convenience.
  4. Click "Start", then "Run...", and type in "cmd" (without quotation marks). Hit enter and you will see a terminal come up. :)
  5. Now, change directory like so:

    Code: Select all
    cd Desktop

    (if you have another location, just "cd <absolute_path>" to it).
  6. Now, type this into the terminal:

    Code: Select all
    convert INPUT.gif -coalesce -resize XxY OUTPUT.gif

    This will convert the file INPUT.gif into an image that fits into dimensions X pixels wide by Y pixels high, as OUTPUT.gif in the same directory as the original image. Note that the format is "XxY" for the dimensions, with a small "x" between the two dimensions. The "coalesce" flag is for when you use composited frames and the complete size isn't in every single frame.
    If you wish to convert Funny.gif (400x300 pixels) to fit into an image that is 200 pixels high called Funnyresized.gif, use something like this:

    Code: Select all
    convert Funny.gif -coalesce -resize 400x200 Funnyresized.gif

    It is worth noting that aspect will be conserved; that is to say that the image will NOT be stretched, and will just fit into the dimensions given. Hence, if one side is smaller than the other and you ask it to resize into a much smaller box, the largest dimension will determine the final size. :)

    If you want to stretch the image, use this format:

    Code: Select all
    convert INPUT.gif -coalesce -resize XsizexYsize! OUTPUT.gif

    (Note the "!" after the dimensions)

Hope this is useful! :)

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Re: Resizing *.Gif images.

Postby BenJy! on Fri Jan 02, 2009 7:15 pm

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Re: Resizing *.Gif images.

Postby UK_sniper on Fri Jan 02, 2009 7:22 pm

nice one mate :D

<3 for Xerxes! :D
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