Useful UKCS General Information

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Useful UKCS General Information

Postby Xerxes on Mon May 04, 2009 9:39 pm

UKCS Game Servers General Information:

UKCS Server IPs

Here at UKCS we have many servers catering for several different source games (CounterStrike:Source, Day of Defeat:Source, Team Fortress 2 and CounterStrike:1.6).

    CS:S Server IPs:
      CSS#1: - 62 Player CSS
      CSS#2: - 46 Player CSS
      CSS#3: - 62 Player CSS Office Extreme
      CSS#4: - Sunday Evenings Only

    CS 1.6 Server IPs:
      1.6 - Fun Server

    DoD:S Server IPs:
      DoD#1: - 32 Player - Official Valve Maps
      DoD#2: - 32 Player - Donner 24/7
      DoD#3: - 32 Player - Sniper Maps
      DoD#4: - 32 Player - Jagd & Colmar
      DoD#5: - 32 Player - Avalanche Extreme!

    TF2 Server IPs:
      TF2#1: - 32 Player Mixed Maps
      TF2#2: - 26 Player Mixed Maps
      TF2#3: - 32 Player Dustbowl Extreme #1
      TF2#4: - 32 Player Arena mode only
      TF2#5: - 32 Player Dustbowl Extreme #2
      TF2#6: - 32 player Mixed maps
      TF2#7: - 32 Player Goldrush & Badwater only
      TF2#8: - 32 Player Payload Extreme

    L4D Server IPs:
    Note: You have to be a member of the UKCS Steam Group to see or join these servers!
      L4D#1: - Official Left4Dead Maps
      L4D#2: - Official Left4Dead Maps
      L4D#3: - Survival mode Maps

    L4D2 Server IPs:
    Note: You have to be a member of the UKCS Steam Group to see or join these servers! - L4D2 #1 - L4D2 #2 - L4D2 #3

Forum rules

The UKCS forum has its own set of rules that you can read here.

How to contact someone if you have an issue

You can find a list of all the admins and moderators here.

The UKCS Game Plugin

UKCS now has an official UKCS plugin with a UKCS logo screen and explicit menu options for joining the UKCS servers. There are separate installers for CS:S, DoD:S and TF2 servers:

Note. The extra menu options can be removed at anytime by going in to Windows Remove Programs and de-installing.

Other useful threads

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