UKCS DoDS Map Event 20th 7:30PM Server #1

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UKCS DoDS Map Event 20th 7:30PM Server #1

Postby Jonesie on Sun Jan 08, 2012 4:56 pm


'It's 20th January 1944 and they said we'd be home for Christmas and I can't help but look around at my fellow soldiers in the trench and think - 'We're still here! When will we finally bring the force down on Hitler for him to stop all this madness?' The expression's on everyone's faces is to dire to contemplate. Even our C.O, wishes to be home with his family! We won't be seeing them for a while, I'm assuming.'

Words from Winston Churchill - 'We shall fight them in the fields, in the streets! We will never surrender! We shall fight.... We shall fight....'

Welcome to the Day of Defeat: Source Division's FIRST event of 2012, hosted by myself and the DoD Team. We shall be presenting you with a series of maps that you can play until your hearts are content.

Will you be there to backup Churchill's words - to fight in the fields, in the streets to which we shall never surrender! Get ready to back the attack by lockin' and loadin' your weapons, cook your 'nades and go over the trench walls to kick some ass! Will you be there standin' side-by-side with your fellow soldiers holding your rifles with eyes that will peel off the Nazi's skin and make them crawl away with fear?!

7:30PM Friday 20th January 2012 - This is gonna be HUGE!

Hope to see you all there, fighting for your country!

J0nesie/DoD Team
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