UKCS Day of Defeat Source GUN GAME ARENA

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UKCS Day of Defeat Source GUN GAME ARENA

Postby PREDATORPANTS|UKCS| on Sun May 06, 2012 6:46 pm



The war is over is changing.....

Due to a failed experiment created by the German government multiple divisions from both sides have disappeared and been sucked into a different dimension where they have become trapped in small arenas to face each other for a form of entertainment for a greater power, with little understanding of their whereabouts and with no sign of escape from the unknown world they are plunged into combat against each other into a massive league based arena with a fight to the death with all forms of weapons, fast assaults have replaced all strategic planning over the battlefield and this is now the new warfare....

Welcome to a new dimension....

Welcome to a new war....

Lock and load....

UKCS Day of Defeat Source Presents!

The Brand new Gun Game league for players and admins alike based on server 4!
Not to mention this is the first ever form of Gun Game to ever be presented on UKCS and to work on any of the community servers, The Day of Defeat Source team has been working hard to provide you with a massive selection of custom quick play rotas for you to sink yourself into to enjoy fast paced combat with all levels of weapons being chucked into the mix....

We feel very privileged to be the first side hosting this and hope you all enjoy the maps and gameplay we have in store for you!

Make sure you join and have fun!


Welcome to the League!

Predz. / Day of Defeat Source Team.
Welcome to the Battlefield...

"dread|UKCS| <on DOD#3>: omg des is doming me "
"dread|UKCS| <on DOD#3>: Im not having this, someone spec him"
"TC|UKCS|: Well done Predator! Brilliant work! :D" ty Mr.President

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