UKCS Day of Defeat Source Annual Halloween Event

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UKCS Day of Defeat Source Annual Halloween Event

Postby PREDATORPANTS|UKCS| on Tue Oct 16, 2012 12:42 am


UKCS Day of Defeat Source Halloween Map Event *Spooky Stuff* :)

Report Briefing

October ------- Report ------- War Effort --------

Darkness has fallen on all fronts, both sides of the war seem to be in complete stand still as the approaching winter calls for changes of tactics.
Both war machines lay entrenched in their camps building up supplies for the next assault to crush the enemy...

However the Scouting parties have reported unusual sightings at the locations of forward outposts for each side, All soldiers at the outposts have gone missing and unknown sightings of strange creatures moving around the outpost walls have been confirmed, each side believes these are the things responsible for the missing soldiers for both parties ------- A new enemy, spawning unnatural beings resembling the forces of Hell and the devil have began raiding Forces for both sides the Undead are approaching! Now both US and Axis war machines must confront each other on a new kind of battlefield, battlefields cursed with damnation and death as they strike each other on the night of Halloween --------------------- Report Transmission Close -------------------

Hello and Welcome :)

Hello and welcome to the next annual day of defeat source event following a theme of Halloween, we have been working hard to present to you some spooky maps for you guys to try out on Server 1 around the time of Halloween.

The Following maps have already been uploaded and will be available for play closer to the date of Halloween on UKCS DoD Server 1.

dod_spooky_town_rc2 : A Small village has been transformed into a living nightmare, Players with be chucked into a battle of objective capture points to win the round as usual, but with a twist AI Zombies from HL2 are said to be present on the map, Spiders crawling around to attack players and a Possessed Sniper and Machine Gunner that will attempt to kill you to harvest your souls.

dod_defiler : Engagement in a small foggy graveyard, this Detonation map allows for quick simple bomb play where players objective targets will be the gravestones of their enemies ancestors, destroy the gravestones with the TNT to win the round (Flags maybe Present.)

dod_orange_sacrafice : Based in a church area, this map has very little texture, but a good spooky atmosphere is present, spooky monster sounds and ambiance are in place to give players a good sense of horror and dead bodies are littered throughout the church during a fire ritual that took place before the battle!

More maps could be added, hope to see you in the fight! ;) Lets get fraggin!

Thanks for reading.

Predz/Day of Defeat Source Division.
Welcome to the Battlefield...

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"dread|UKCS| <on DOD#3>: Im not having this, someone spec him"
"TC|UKCS|: Well done Predator! Brilliant work! :D" ty Mr.President

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