CS:S Winter Events

Upcoming events on the UKCS servers- feel free to come along!

CS:S Winter Events

Postby MrsRapidByte on Tue Nov 19, 2013 9:13 am



We have two events coming up on CS:S the first will be held on UKCS:CSS #2 on Sunday 1st Decmeber at 7PM and will be on for around 3hrs :D

Second event will be held on UKCS:CSS #1 on Saturday 7th Decemeber 2013 at 7PM and again will be on for around 3hrs.

I usually include a Map List for events but since it's Christmas time I will let the maps be a surprise :wink: Hopefully these events will get people in the festive mood as winter maps will be going on rotation not long after the events!

We hope to see you there for some winter fun maps and remember to bring your festive spirit and name :santa:

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